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sexta-feira, 21 de maio de 2010

online teaching techniques

1. Which online teaching techniques do you prefer?
As far as I know we cannot find the “magical” online teaching techniques, as well as we cannot find the magical traditional classroom techniques that allow us to make a perfect teaching.
Concerning online teaching I am still trying different techniques and I cannot refer myself about the best ones. As I do not ask many written information from my students I do not feel the effect of the workload teaching online, but I imagine it can be a problem. Even when we are debating online (and that feeling I experienced more than once) sometimes we can feel stressed because we know that it is impossible to give all the answers at the same time. For the learners it can be frustrating if they don’t have the answer the moment they need, but no system is perfect. I do not know how to avoid this problem.

2. What are the implications of using individual and group assignments in online education?
Individual and group assignments in online education are rather important, but I really think there is much value for the teacher of being visible in the different group discussions, with some posts in the discussion groups during every group discussion assignment. My experience now tells me that the role of the teacher must be the monitor and the facilitator. When I began the master degree I felt lost more than once and I clearly remember the importance the teachers had for me with the post they made, even if it was just to cheer me up on and let me know I was doing my job. We cannot lose touch: teacher<>students; students<>teacher; students<>students.

3- How can we secure a reasonable workload for online teachers?
This is one of the most important questions. I think it is very difficult to avoid the workload for the teachers, especially if they are really involved in the process and want to give all answers to all issues. Maybe in a long term one of the solutions can be a kind of database with some FAQ. The questions is that it can take some time, but with the web 2.0, if we think for example in the Wikipedia, we can involve many people ate the same time to create this database. It can be very challenging and it can avoid a lot of workload to many different teachers.

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