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terça-feira, 18 de maio de 2010

Review of AB & LO

Unit 1; Activity 3 - PPEL

Annoted Bibliography:
From the ABs I have seen from my classmates I’ve learnt a lot and I would like to point out the following works:

Maria João Spilker: she has done a very good job in the AB, which makes us possible to understand the real meaning of transparency in cooperative freedom.

António Pedro: in his AB he tried to illustrate the theme "Transparency in Online Education". He tried to use a wide variety of scenarios to make clear that diversity is also important in elearning and that transparency can and should be global. He also wanted to show the transition of an enclosed school.

I think all classmates understood the difference among Individual, Collaborative and Cooperative learning. It is also a fact that most of them understand the meaning of the different levels of transparency and the importance of the cooperative freedom.

Learning Object:
In the different LOs we can find the presence of the teacher, but also the presence of the student, what is something important, since most of us are dealing with students and all our work must lead to this final goal: students.

In general I enjoyed all Los, but I would like to mention Joaquim, and his LO, which I think is really good, but maybe there is not a totally clear distinction between collaborative and cooperative learning.

I am glad because I could see a great variety of Los in the works of my classmates and I am now trying to learn and use some of them.
What are the cons of some of the used LOs?
Lately I must confess that I am a bit more worried with the question of authorship. After the MPEL04 conference, where some of the classmates presented their works, I found something interesting… One of the photos that was used was described as the perfect image to describe a particular situation. Is it possible to imagine that I used the same photo in the school magazine, with exactly the same explanation, but in a completely different situation!!!
I realized that this global net can be a very small net (it’s a small world after all!). So I decided from that moment on to try to produce my own photos, even if the quality is not so good.

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